Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Protecting Capital and Capturing Upside

Clarity Capital recognizes its clients' objectives of preserving wealth, while growing assets to create a long-term legacy.

Clarity Capital strives to attain asymmetric returns for its clients, protecting capital in challenging market conditions while capturing upside in periods of growth in asset values. These objectives drive three principles of our investment approach: 



  • Clarity Capital employs thoughtful diversification with the objective of moderating volatility while maximizing portfolio returns. Portfolios typically feature allocations to traditional fixed-income, equity, and cash, as well as alternative assets such as hedge funds and commodities.

Global Perspective

  • Clarity Capital maintains a comprehensive global market perspective, studying risks, opportunities, and correlations across markets in pursuit of maximal portfolio protection and performance.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

  • Clarity Capital maintains constant vigilance in the face of shifting market risks and opportunities. Portfolios are adjusted to incorporate the firm's cyclical and tactical views.

Investment Approach