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As the US election nears Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer at Clarity Capital, talks with i24 News about how the markets are viewing the US election, how global markets are reacting, and what the US elections outcome means for future interest rate hikes in the US. 
As the US election nears our investment team wanted to give our clients some analysis on what the diffrent possible election outcomes could mean for the Federal Resere and their plans to riase interest rates in both the near and long term. As always we will continue to monitor, adjust, and keep you informed as the election plays out, and the markets react to the results. 
Eran Peleg, CIO at Clarity Capital, was recently published in The Marker, a premiere Israeli business paper, where he discussed Israeli education. Eran looked at how the current Israeli focus in education is not adequetly educating Israeli children and how this effects the finace industry. 
Here at Clarity we thought it would be prudent at this point in time to provide our clients and friends with some thoughts of ours on the current market consitions, and where we see the markets going in the near term. The letter, which you can download below, will give you some of the investment teams thoughts, but more importantly what we are doing for our clients. For more information…
The Clarion, our quarterly newsletter, takes stock of the second quarter of 2016 and the markets claw back into positive territory. In Digital Insights we feature a look at how Britain should respond to their Brexit vote and why. Finally, our quest writer discusses the threats to your personal data in the modern world, and Clarities CTO discusses what we are doing to protect our clients.