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The Clarion, our quarterly newsletter, evaluates global markets after an especially volatile quarter marked by the Greek debt crisis, a Chinese stock market collapse and underperforming bond yields. And in Digital Insights, Ben Bernanke's online blog provides an alternative perspective on the Greek crisis.
Tal Keinan, CEO of Clarity Capital, discusses how the Iran Nuclear Agreement may impact the price of oil and could provide a stimulus for a detente between Israel and its Arab neighbors.
Tal Keinan, CEO of Clarity Capital, writes in The Huffington Post about the possible political breakthrough that could result in the Middle East as an unintended consequence of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. 
Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer of  Clarity Capital, explains on i24news why US companies are of growing concern for investors due to leverage increasing due to share-buy back and M&A activity.
Sam Chester, Analyst at Clarity Capital, explains on i24 TV why equities in China fell off the cliff in June 2015 and why they will likely face further turbulence before stabilizing.