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Laurence Schreiber, Co-President of Clarity Capital, discusses the volatility in global equity markets in August 2015 and explains how investors can respond.
Is the era of the BRICs over? Sam Chester, Analyst at Clarity Capital, examines the economic troubles facing Brazil, Russia, India & China and Emerging Markets at large, in the face of Goldman Sachs shuttering its pioneering BRICs investmend fund.  
When stock markets fell sharply around the world in August 2015, many blamed China's market volatility. Sam Chester, Analyst at Clarity Capital, explains why global markets reacted so strongly to events in China and suggests what to expect next from the Chinese economy.  
China's decision to allow families to have more than one child attracted global attention when the news was announced on October 29. How did markets react and what are the economic consequences within China? Sam Chester of Clarity Capital provides analysis on i24 TV.  
As equity markets around the world tumbled in response to China's continued market instability, Clarity Capital shared a letter with investors explaining the firm's position on the market shock. The Jerusalem Post cited the Clarity letter to investors: "It is more likely than not that what we are now experiencing is a normal correction -- more aggressive than the very mild ones we have had in recent years -- but…