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From Amazon to US regulators to investors pouring major capital into China, 2015 was a landmark year for the global consumer drone industry. Sam Chester, Analyst at Clarity Capital, explains the key trends and what to expect in 2016.  
Global terrorism and international flash-points are on the rise, headlined by the Paris attacks and Turkish/Russian tension over the downing of a Russian jet. How are markets responding in the face of these security crises? Sam Chester of Clarity Capital explains the interplay between markets and security threats, drawing on recent history to suggest how investors can prepare for the increasingly unstable global enviroment.  
After one of the most difficult quarters for hedge funds in years, Giordana Mosseri, Managing Director of Hedge Funds Advisory at Clarity Capital, explains the challenges and continued opportunities for investors in the hedge fund sector.  
Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer at Clarity Capital, explains on i24news how markets are affected by the US Federal Reserve debate on when to raise interest rates.
Transforming Israel into a global financial center is the vision of Clarity CEO Tal Keinan. In an interview with The Marker, Tal explains why Clarity is positioned to realize this ambitious goal. Michael Steinhardt, Eugene Kandel and Dan Senor also share comments.