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In an interview with The Marker, Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer of Clarity Capital, breaks down the risks--and opportunities--investors should keep in mind in 2016, from US corporate earnings to the US interest rate, emerging market troubles and the thriving Japanese equity market.
Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer at Clarity Capital, spoke on i24news about what to expect from US interest rates in 2016, following the Fed's long awaited rate hike in late December 2015.
After sparking a global market correction this summer, the slowdown in the Chinese economy seems likely to remain a key topic for markets observers in 2016. Sam Chester, Analyst at Clarity Capital, discusses what to expect from the world's second largest economy in the coming year.  
What can investors do in response to the deteriorating position of traditional assets like equities and bonds? Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer at Clarity Capital, explains why in 2016, investors should consider opportunities in alternative assets such as hedge funds, real-estate and asset-backed private loans.  
With equities entering the late phases of a cyclical bull market, and fixed-income assets providing limited value to savings portfolios, investors will soon face the relatively uncommon challenge of simultaneous flat or negative cycles in both traditional asset classes (stocks and bonds). A new Clarity White Paper, Appeal of the Deal, discusses strategies that Clarity is introducing in order to protect and continue growing savings assets under these conditions.