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Eran Peleg, CIO of Clarity Capital, is interviewed by Globes the leading Israeli business daily. Eran expalins how the Federal Reserve and the markets expectations for interest rates diverged so much and what the effect has been in the markets. 
Tal Keinan, CEO and President of Clarity Capital, editorial piece in the Isreali Daily Yediot Achronot. Tal breaks down the varying Israeli responses to the BDS movement and why we need to give the threat credence.  
Tal Keinan, CEO and President of Clarity Capital, on i24 news discussing the European BDS movement and the economic implications it poses for Israel. 
The Clarion, our quarterly newsletter, takes stock of 2015 and the how and why of the low returns we saw this year. In Digital Insights we feature Chris O'Leary who upon David Bowie's death looks back at the historic "Bowie Bonds," the most prominent secularization ever of music on Wall Street.   
In an interview with The Marker, Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer of Clarity Capital, breaks down the risks--and opportunities--investors should keep in mind in 2016, from US corporate earnings to the US interest rate, emerging market troubles and the thriving Japanese equity market.